Combat Arms is a collective name in a system of administrative military reference to those troops within national armed forces  which participate in direct tactical  land combat .

In some countries, notably the British Army, the artillery units are categorised as Combat Support Arms.  Some armies such as the United States Army, classify combat engineers as a combat arm also, while Armour troops  constitute a combat arm in name although many have histories derived from cavalry units.This is also true for the combat aviation units in many armed forces throughout the world.

Artillery is included as a combat arm primarily based on the history of employing cannons  in close combat, and later in the anti-tank roleuntil the advent of anti-tank guided missiles. The inclusion of special forces in some armed forces as a separate combat arm is often doctrinal because the troops of special forces units are essentially specialized infantry, often with historical links to ordinary light infantry units.

In Commonwealth Countries the combat arms in the Army are:

  • Infantry
  • Armoured
  • Artillery
  • Combat Engineers

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